Utility glamour

walking down steps - portrait

in garden

close up cropped

sitting on steps no 1 choice - portrait

Another Monday, another week and to kick this week off on ST I wanted to bring you one of my more casual street looks. With London deciding to revert to winter weather this gorgeous [C] Studio parka is perfect. It’s so warm and cosy, it’s like being wrapped up in a duvet! The silver colouring gives it a very modern, space age look, which I contrasted by pairing itΒ with a 1940’s inspired jumpsuit for a modern utility look.

I am influenced a lot by the 1940’s utility look. It’s practical glamour at its best and exuding a sense of cool that translates so well into modern style. Jumpsuits (or boilersuits as they were originally known as in 40’s Britain) are a great investment piece for this look. In my opinion the inherent impracticability of basically having to get naked to go to the bathroom is totally worth it for the gorgeous, effortless elegance of a jumpsuit. To complete the look I went with white slimline summer converse and modern edgy jewellery. This keeps the outfit laid back, modern and fresh. Practical chic done.

What’s your opinion on jumpsuits, love them or hate them?

Hope everyone has a fabulous week and thank you for stopping by, don’t forget to follow along on instagram (@sparklythursdays) and you can now find me on Lookbook

ST x

Coat: [C] Studio | Jumpsuit: WhistlesΒ (similar) | Sneakers: Converse | Bag: Celine | Cuff: & other stories

Photography by Sarah Feeney

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