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I was casually scrolling through the Dior website when I saw these Reflector glasses and fell head over heels in love. The moment they appeared these retro inspired sunglasses stole my heart, and I’ve been thinking about getting a pair ever since.

Let’s take this step by step; the classic aviator shape is there. One point. Then there’s the mirrored effect lenses. Two points. And the bridge of the frame’s edgy retro inspired straight lines…game, set and match. The whole thing is just beautiful.

There are of course colour options. I have shown a couple of my favourites above. The silver/chrome ones are very modern and sleek. However, for me it just has to be the gold ones. They just jump right out at me, I love the warmth of the gold and thinking of my auburn hair they will just be perfect for my colouring – something to always bear in mind with glasses.

I can envisage all sorts of outfits with these; from 50’s inspired skirt and top combos to jeans and leather jackets. Heels, sneakers or boots, these will take your outfit to the epitome of cool. They are going to be something I will be lusting after for some while!

If like me you have fallen for these beauties then you can find them on the Dior website here.

What have you seen recently that you fell for immediately? ST x



7 thoughts on “Mirror mirror…

    • Same! I think these are the only pair I’ve seen recently that have genuinely made me stop and go wow! Fantastic page by the way, am following you now. Hope you enjoyed mine too, thanks for stopping by. Are you on insta/twitter etc? Be good to support each others blogs STx


  1. very hip and on trend. I actually have no aviator sunnies but an embarrassing of sunnies nevertheless. I think aviator especially mirror ones are probably the sexiest glasses that are around these days.


  2. There’s a website called smartbargains that I buy my sunglasses from at a discount. I’ve bought a lot of YSL and Fendi pairs from them and they are legit. They have CD sunnies right now but not the style you’re looking for. The prices range for CD is about 150-180 USD. Here’s the link…


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