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Pink hues

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Pink. It’s a statement colour, and one that divides opinion. For some its perfection, for others its too girly, a reaction against social stereotypes perhaps? Me, I love a splash of pink. Done in the right way it adds that little bit of colour and femininity to an outfit that can really make a difference. Mix it with neutrals and black and you’ve got an outfit that is well clear of that girly pigeon-hole.

I am perhaps a little guilty of an overly zealous love affair with black, but I also love introducing colour to my outfits and this is one of my favourite ones to throw in there. Today was one of those days. Mixing this ultra feminine pink, 1950’s cut skirt with the harshness of a black cropped jumper and ankle boots creates a real contrast, and it just works.

I added a camel oversized coat to this. I am loving mixing neutral hues currently. These are two of my favourite neutrals (yes, I am counting pink here), and they just work fantastically well together. Whether on their own, or, as I’ve done here, with the edginess of black thrown in.

What are your feelings about pink? ST x


Coat: Zara, Jumper: H&M, Skirt: Primark, Boots: New Look, Bag: Celine, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Combination of Links and Thomas Sabo charms

5 thoughts on “Pink hues

  1. You wear your clothes well. Basically you could pull this look off because you are attractive and your hair color is essentially part of the outfit almost adding something to it as another interesting “neutral”. I hear you on pairing unusual neutrals such as pink and camel, it’s daring. I’ve entertained it myself. I usually pull a Lilly Pullitzer pairing of pink and green, not actually LillyP lol just borrow that colr pairing which I feel they invented. But I like a retro pink (deep) and purple pairing as well not that I’ve done it either lol. But the purple would be the black in that case acting as the darker tone in the coupling. Another unusual neutral pairing I’ve seen in catalogues is gray and camel which makes me wince and yet go hmmm at the same time lol.

    I will follow your blog because I love seeing fresh interpretations of clothing.

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    • When I said “retro” I meant 80s where pink and purple sort of became a thing lol, I wasn’t referring to a color such as retro pink. Hot pink or vibrant pink and grape purple I think it looks cool together. Also another would be a chartreuse type yellow, it’s sort of a bright but not lemmon or mustard, it’s like a marriage of those two yellows, looks divine with grape or maybe hot pink.


  2. Thank you. I love trying out different combinations of clothing and colours. This is one I love. I’m a big fan of clashing colours as well, loving the sound of your 80’s inspired pairing there. Pink and grey is a similarly 80’s inspired pairing I am a fan of, as is yellow and deep blue/purple – keep an eye on the blog I did a shoot with these colours in the other day! I am contemplating trying the washed out grey/camel pairing. Saw some fabulous looks at NYFW with this colour pairing, think it has to be tried. I love your ideas on colours here, being bold is part of it, you don’t know it doesn’t work till you try it! And thanks for the follow, glad you enjoyed the blog and keep an eye out for more outfits, I try to post regular snapshot posts of my ootds, I’m on instagram, follow for more outfits, I post daily 🙂 ST xx


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